Equality and Diversity

This course defines and explores the meaning of equality and diversity by helping users understand prejudice, legislation and guidelines relevant to the Equality Act and Human Rights Act. It aims to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding needed to help reduce discrimination in direct, associative, perceptive and indirect forms in the workplace.

Course details

Duration: 60 mins

Course type: eLearning

Number of candidates: 1 per licence

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a legal background understanding
  • Identify and explain the four types of discrimination
  • Understand the law and compliance
  • Awareness of implementing an Equality and Diversity policy
  • Ability to action plan
  • List the nine protected characteristics covered in the Equality Act 2010
  • Outline legislation relevant to equality
  • Describe both employer and employee responsibilities with regards to equality in the workplace
  • Develop and implement an equality and diversity policy for the workplace

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone in a work environment.

Why is this training important?

Employees are responsible for reducing discrimination in direct, associative, perceptive and indirect forms in the workplace.

Equality and diversity is a topic that’s relevant for all workplaces, regardless of whether the company employs two people or two hundred people, and irrespective of whether it is an office, a warehouse or a shop floor.

Assessment type

Upon completion of the course, learners will complete an end of learning assessment consisting of 20 questions.

70% of the questions will need to be answered correctly in order to pass and receive a certificate.

eLearning is purchased on an individual cost per licence basis and one licence is needed per candidate that you require to be trained. Licences can be pre purchased as part of one of our bundles. To view our bundles visit our Training page.