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Our Fire Risk Assessment module puts our expert team of ex-fire officers in your corner.

From easily viewing Fire Risk Assessments carried out by us or your people, to tracking the progress of action plans, to understanding your real-time fire risk status, you can do it all and so much more.

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Love all of this

  • Manage with ease

    Effortlessly store and manage all Fire Risk Assessments carried out by Shield Safety or your company

  • Get compliant fast

    Follow the clear action plan automatically generated by your Fire Risk Assessment to resolve issues quickly

  • Understand risk levels

    Clearly understand which problems to prioritise, as each Fire Risk Assessment finding is given a risk level

  • Stay in control

    Accurately track the progress of an open finding and view when a finding is closed

  • Attach photos instantly

    Easily upload images to illustrate an issue you’ve identified as part of your own Fire Risk Assessments

  • Provide evidence easily

    Comfortably download an Fire Risk Assessment as a PDF and provide it to a visiting enforcement officer

FRA licence

Take control

Did you know larger companies often buy a Fire Risk Assessment licence with their module? This allows an in-house assessor to carry out limitless fire risk assessments across all your locations.

Save money

If you buy your own Fire Risk Assessment licence from us, you’ll be able to say goodbye to external assessor fees forever. A tidy sum you can invest in other parts of your business.

Top teamwork

Fancy a better way of working? Everyone with access to your Fire Risk Assessment module can instantly view findings and action plans, track whether issues have been resolved and add updates themselves.

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Effective management

To prevent issues continuing, you can set a completion date for an action plan and regularly notify people if they haven’t carried out a task assigned to them. Great for getting things done.

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Top industry experts

At Shield Safety, we have a team of highly qualified assessors who are mainly ex-fire officers. This means the Fire Risk Assessments and action plans you receive through our Fire Risk Assessment module are super comprehensive and of the highest quality.

Exactly what you need to comply with the latest legislation, save time and money, and keep all your customers and employees safe and sound.

Easy data access

Keeping a record of and managing fire risk assessments is often a huge headache. There are always piles of documents to store and trawling through them to find the information you need is usually painful.

But with our Fire Risk Assessment module all this hassle is taken away instantly. EveryFire Risk Assessment completed for your business is safely uploaded to our cloud-based servers. Smart technology you can instantly access and quickly search through to get what you need.

How your business benefits in a nutshell

Team members

  • Easily view the status of a current Fire Risk Assessment and what action is required
  • See how a location’s fire risk status compares to other sites
  • Convert reports into PDFs so they can be easily mailed or viewed offline
  • Cut all the paperwork from your assessments, freeing up precious time


  • Get an overview of all completed Fire Risk Assessments and examine each one in more detail
  • View your fire risk ranking against other sites and easily analyse this result
  • Reinstate closed actions if you think an issue has not been fully resolved
  • Keep costs down and your board happy by carrying out Fire Risk Assessments internally

Policy and Document modules included for free

Policy module

Upload your policies and procedures and give team members, managers, enforcement officers and local authorities easy access to what’s relevant to them.

Documents module

Fancy a massive filing cabinet that’s super easy to search? That’s pretty much what our Documents module is. Perfect for storing and browsing all your internal documents.

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