Risk Assessment module

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Improve the safety of your team members today.

Our Risk Assessment module is exactly what you need if you want to create and manage your assessments easily and efficiently.

By using our simple five-step wizard, you can define hazards and control measures for activities in multiple locations in no time at all.

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Love all of this

  • Quickly assess risk

    With a couple of taps you can view your risk rating with or without control measures applied.

  • Manage with ease

    Confidently create new risk assessments from scratch and manage active assessments.

  • Fully analyse hazards

    Accurately determine the likelihood of a hazard occurring and consequence levels.

  • Mitigate risk efficiently

    Easily identify control measures that will help to reduce the likelihood of a specific risk.

  • Improve team understanding

    Effortlessly upload extra documents against a risk assessment to enhance understanding.

  • Tailor your assessments

    Add flexible control measures to your assessments that are specific to individual locations,

Bespoke brilliance

Simple creation

Our super smart wizard walks you through the creation of customised hazards and control measures for your business. Perfect for saving time and improving safety.

Flexible measures

Simply choose which control measures are relevant to work activities at your sites. Just what you need to reduce the time you spend on risk assessments.

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Reduce hassle

With our Risk Assessment module, you can easily assign assessments to any of your sites and receive updates when assessments are due to expire. Intelligent software that makes life so much simpler.

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Improve safety

Because our five-step wizard allows you to create tailored risk assessments for a specific work activity and site, accidents and injuries should plummet – as well as your insurance premiums.

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A helping hand

If you’re a start-up – or even an established business that’s maybe got a little set in its ways – creating a suite of new risk assessments might seem a little daunting. But that certainly doesn’t have to be the case with our Risk Assessment module.

As well as allowing you to create bespoke assessments from scratch, it features a superb collection of risk assessment templates that can be easily tweaked here and there to suit your exact needs.

Easy data access

Keeping a record of and managing risk assessments is often a huge headache. There are always piles of documents to store and trawling through them to find the information you need is usually painful.

But with our Risk Assessment module all this hassle is taken away instantly. Every assessment you complete is safely uploaded to our cloud-based servers. Smart technology you can instantly access and quickly search through to get what you need.

How your business benefits in a nutshell

Team members

  • Risk assessments are simple to complete and adopt
  • Intuitive design makes it simple for employees to use the module
  • Assessments can be adjusted to align with a site’s control measures
  • Alerts are sent that outline what action needs to occur and by when
  • Risk assessment data can easily be extracted into PDF format


  • Create and manage customised risk assessments for your business
  • Access a full overview of risk assessments for a location, area or entire business
  • Attach training materials and other supporting information to improve understanding
  • View current risk status based on the completion of risk assessments and actions

Policy and Document modules included for free

Policy module

Upload your policies and procedures and give team members, managers, enforcement officers and local authorities easy access to what’s relevant to them.

Documents module

Fancy a massive filing cabinet that’s super easy to search? That’s pretty much what our Documents module is. Perfect for storing and browsing all your internal documents.

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