The largest team of Environmental Health Practitioners in the UK

Shield Safety is a specialist auditing company. With a wealth of experience in the industry, our workforce and customer service are unrivalled. Our onsite audits are written in line with the most up-to-date legislation and best practice. Audits can incorporate Food Safety, Fire Safety, Health & Safety or a combination of these disciplines to suit your businesses’ needs.

What will Shield Safety audits bring to your business?

  • Risk-based assessments to provide a comprehensive overview of how compliant your arrangements are
  • Audits conducted by the highest qualified audit team in the country
  • A clear action plan to allow you to make improvements and record progress
  • A realistic overview of compliance in your business at that moment in time

Why choose Shield Safety audits?

  • Helps you to protect your customers and your business
  • Supports claims defence and builds due diligence if a case arises
  • Audit sets written bespoke to your business, so that scores will not be affected by unnecessary detail
  • Peace of mind knowing your documentation, practices and procedures are compliant
  • Delivered through award-winning software, Compliance Centre

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