The largest Audit team of Environmental Health Practitioners in the UK

A specialist auditing company, Shield Safety Group offers clients a wealth of experience, unrivalled customer service and on-site audits, written in-line with the most up-to-date legislation and best practice.

Conducted by the UK’s highest qualified audit team and delivered through our award-winning Compliance Centre, our Audit sets offer services across Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety to give you the most comprehensive overview of your company’s compliance and safety standards. Quality assured, clear and concise, all our audits include a detailed action plan to aid you in making any necessary improvements.

Largest team of EHPs

As the UK’s largest employer of Environmental Health Professionals (EHPs) we are able to offer you the highest quality auditors, who are also local to you and your business. This means you benefit from consistency across your audits. You will become familiar with your auditor and they with you and your business.

Man conducting audit using software on tablet
woman conducting food safety audit using software on tablet

Bespoke and flexible

All our audit sets can be written on a bespoke basis. With services across food safety, fire safety and health and safety you can choose from any combination of disciplines to best suit your business’ needs. We can then tailor your audit set in regards to criteria and questions, meaning your overall score won’t be negatively affected by non-applicable information. What’s more, where necessary we will also carry out our services outside of normal office hours, giving you the client, additional flexibility.

Quality assured

In order to consistently deliver the best quality audits to all customers, our dedicated team of Quality Assurance Officers monitor the performance of each of our Auditors, ensuring they are each carrying out Audits to the same high standards and are doing so for every customer.

Before communicating your Audit results our team will thoroughly check your report for spelling, grammar and jargon, ensuring it is well written, but crucially, that it easy to understand, follow and action.

Food Safety Audit

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