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Get hygiene sorted and customers safe with ReRate.

Getting a low Food Hygiene Rating can seriously damage your brand and keep customers away. So it’s super important you get safe and sorted as quickly as possible to boost your rating, customer confidence and sales.

To help you do this, we’ve developed our popular ReRate service. It involves us providing one-to-one mentoring to help you understand why you scored what you scored and put in place everything that’s needed to show you really care about hygiene and your customers.

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  • Top hygiene experts

    Our team of mentors are highly experienced and know food hygiene legislation inside out.

  • Detailed action plan

    As part of ReRate, we develop a bespoke action plan to help you carry out improvements.

  • Best practice resources

    Your mentor will recommend a range of resources for the ongoing training of your employees.

  • Smart, intuitive tech

    Your action plan will be uploaded into your Audit module, so you can easily view progress.

  • Boost your sales

    Improving your Food Hygiene Rating will boost customer confidence, leading to more sales.

  • Fewer official visits

    A higher Food Hygiene Rating should lead to fewer visits from environmental health officers.

Expertise that’ll boost your rating

The process for our ReRate service is super simple and super effective:

  • 1

    We’ll get in touch with your environmental health officer to let them know we’re supporting you following your recent Food Hygiene Rating.

  • 2

    Your mentor will analyse your official food hygiene report and any factors that may be affecting your rating.

  • 3

    Your mentor will work closely with you to create a detailed action plan and provide guidance on how to maintain the highest standards.

  • 4

    We’ll collate evidence of the improvements you’ve carried out and submit this to your local authority with a request for a revisit.

  • 5

    Now you’re all safe and sorted, your local environmental health officer will return to your premises and award you a new score.

Why is a strong Food Hygiene Rating so important?

Good for your business

Ratings of 4 or 5 strongly influence people to eat at a restaurant or café or buy some food from a takeaway or other food outlet.

Good for your customers

Food poisoning affects around one million people every year. Having a good rating shows that you’re taking hygiene seriously to keep your customers safe.

Good for society

The more businesses that achieve and display a good rating, the harder it will be for businesses with a poor rating to do well. The result? A driving up of standards across the board.

Got a question or need some further guidance?

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