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We take care of safety so you can focus on your customers.

Shield Safety is your absolute number one choice when it comes to finding a safety partner in the UK. Why? Because we’ve developed a range of award-winning services that can be customised to take care of all your safety needs.

So, don’t delay. We can get you safe and sorted quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

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Audit services

Our world-class food, fire and health and safety audits are perfect for getting to grips with current legislation and best practice, how compliant your business is and what actions you need to take.

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Fire risk assessments

Serious about fire safety? Then put our team of ex-fire officers and highly qualified risk assessors in your corner. Experts who will get you safe, compliant and confident in double quick time.

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Risk management software

Created by our experts, our award-winning modules and RiskProof app are exactly what you need to revolutionise your safety processes and manage all your locations with ease.

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Helpline services

Get instant access to a dedicated advisor who understands you, your business and your safety needs. Expert support that’s great at driving standards up and stress levels down.

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Training courses

Our wide range of face-to-face and e-learning courses will take your team to the next level and create a working environment that’s safe, happy and super-efficient.

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Safety management systems

Written by our world-class safety experts, our tailored management systems for food safety and health and safety will get you legally compliant and stress-free in no time at all.

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ReRate service

Need to boost your Food Hygiene Rating? Then look no further than ReRate. A one-to-one mentoring service that helps businesses show they really care about hygiene and their customers.

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Compliance diaries

Perfect for any size of business, our easy-to-use compliance diaries give you the power to effectively manage your safety and operational checks in one single place.

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Consultancy services

You don’t need to become a health and safety guru. Instead, you can simply get our top thinkers to join your team by using our consultancy services.

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