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Minimise risk and reduce potential claims today.

At Shield Safety, we have the largest team of environmental health practitioners (EHPs) in the UK. Dedicated experts who live and breathe the latest food safety, fire safety and health and safety regulations.

As a result, your business can benefit from high-quality audits. Get a comprehensive review of your business, with potential hazards identified. Receive an accurate Food Hygiene Rating Score prediction. We will ensure that you fully understand current safety laws and best practices, and understand how compliant your business is and what actions you need to take.

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When only the very best is good enough.

We offer a range of first-class audits to help every type of business get safe, compliant and confident.

Safety audit

Get a comprehensive overview of whether your business is complying with legal requirements and best practice. The number one choice for protecting your customers and your business.

  • Food Safety
  • Food Safety and Health and Safety
  • Combined (Food Safety, Fire Safety, Health and Safety)

Safety support visits

Are you a single location business? Then our safety support visits are perfect for you. They involve one of our EHPs identifying all the safety issues you have and providing expert guidance to help you fix them.

  • Food Safety
  • Combined (Food Safety, Fire Safety, Health and Safety)
Supplier audit

You're only as good as your suppliers, which is why this type of audit is so important. It involves us reviewing the documentation and practices of a supplier to let you know if they’re working in a safe and reputable way.

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Allergen audit

Keep your customers safe and environmental health officers happy with our allergen audit. A detailed assessment that covers all your control measures, including staff training, storage and suppliers.

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Love all of this

  • Coverage across UK and Ireland

    We only provide local, expert auditors who understand you, your business and your customers.

  • Bespoke audit services

    All our audits can be tailored to your exact needs and carried out at a time that’s right for you.

  • Detailed action plan

    Every audit we conduct results in an action plan to help you make necessary improvements.

  • Smart, intuitive tech

    Your Audit module allows you to view your audit and action plan, meaning you can close off any non-conformances.

  • Reliable, clear evidence

    Carried out to the highest standards, our audits provide clear proof of good due diligence.

  • 100% plain English

    All our audit reports are checked for clarity, ensuring you understand all findings and actions.

Totally tailored for you

Whether you’re a one-man band or established chain, we have the perfect audit for you. That’s because we can create a bespoke audit for your business that’s 100% right for its unique needs.

Just get in touch with our team today and we can start to discuss your exact requirements, including what you want your audit to focus on, when you want it to take place, whether it should be announced or unannounced, and much, much more.

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Guaranteeing quality all of the time

Not that impressed with your last auditor? Can’t make head nor tail of your audit report because it’s crammed full of jargon? Leave all this behind with Shield Safety.

We have a dedicated team of quality assurance officers who constantly monitor the performance of our auditors to guarantee you highest standards every time.

Our crack squad of assessors also check every audit report we produce for consistency and clarity, ensuring you’ll always understand our findings and action plans without any faff.

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