Digital safety checklists with the Monitoring module

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Guarantee your business is protected from legal claims today.

Our Monitoring module gives you greater power over your safety checks, speeds up the whole process and makes everything much more simple. From creating bespoke checklists, to easily scheduling regular checks, to instantly sharing images of issues, Monitoring offers all this and so much more.

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Love all of this

  • Manage with ease

    Monitoring allows you to oversee all your compliance and operational checks in one place.

  • Solve issues quickly

    Easily share an issue, what needs to be done to solve it and a due date for this action.

  • Tailor multiple checklists

    Conveniently specify training courses for a specific job role or individuals across all sites.

  • Protect against claims

    Show you’ve done your due diligence in an instant – perfect for preventing claims.

  • Schedule regular checks

    Quickly configure checks to take place at regular intervals and for specific periods of time.

  • Share images instantly

    Effortlessly upload a photo of a fault, defect or issue and mark it against a particular check.

Superior software

Intelligent dashboard

Because our Monitoring module improves the quality of your data, you’ll gain access to a status overview that puts you more in control and saves you time.

Customised access

You can ensure all the right people are on the same page when it comes to safety checks by giving them secure access to the Monitoring module.

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Improve consistency

Our Monitoring module means no more data in various formats. A welcome change that makes it far easier for you to identify issues, analyse data and present key information to your board.

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Reduce paperwork

Save huge amounts of time and massively cut printing costs with our Monitoring module. You can easily and quickly complete checks on any mobile device with an internet connection.

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Total task management

You can set our Monitoring module to instantly alert team members and managers when a check is due and if it’s been missed. You can also do the same for actions assigned to individuals and teams to solve issues.

All of this puts you in far greater control of important tasks and allows managers and directors to:

  • Identify issues as soon as possible, even if they’re off-site
  • Easily view overdue actions and underperforming employees
  • Manage issues early on and prevent them from escalating

Easy data access

Keeping a record of and managing compliance checks is often a huge headache. There are always piles of documents to store and trawling through them to find the information you need is usually painful.

But with our Monitoring module all this hassle is taken away instantly. Every checklist you complete is safely uploaded to our cloud-based servers. Smart technology you can instantly access and quickly search through to get what you need.

Focus on real work NOT paperwork.

Join thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes who have revolutionised their safety processes with RiskProof. It’s our cloud-based software and companion app for recording, managing and organising your risk management in real-time.

Exactly what you need to slash your paperwork, manage all your locations with ease, and say goodbye to those stingy paper cuts forever.

How your business benefits in a nutshell

Team members

  • Step-by-step checklists are simple to follow
  • Automatic corrective actions displayed onscreen
  • Media easy to upload and attach to a task as evidence
  • Intuitive design makes it simple for employees to use the module


  • Create and manage customised checklists for your business
  • Access updated checklists instantly – no more waiting for paperwork
  • Schedule tasks, ensuring they’re always completed on time
  • Tasks can never be filled in retrospectively, preventing fraud
  • Easily analyse how a team, site or your entire business is performing

Policy and Document modules included for free

Policy module

Upload your policies and procedures and give team members, managers, enforcement officers and local authorities easy access to what’s relevant to them.

Documents module

Fancy a massive filing cabinet that’s super easy to search? That’s pretty much what our Documents module is. Perfect for storing and browsing all your internal documents.

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