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Increase your protection against claims today.

Our Helpline module is a super handy tool that can help you identify accident and incident trends, the reasons behind them and what control measures will prevent problems in the future.

From instantly recording accidents and incidents, to gaining a better understanding of compliance, to creating insightful reports, you can do it all and so much more.

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Love all of this

  • Manage with ease

    Simply add, view and manage different kinds of accidents and incidents.

  • Find data fast

    Quickly search through archived and logged cases to find what you’re looking for.

  • Control all access

    Easily set who receives automated reports and notifications about specific cases.

  • Gain entire perspective

    Enjoy a complete overview of your accident and incident data on the log-in dashboard.

  • Attach evidence instantly

    Effortlessly upload images to provide visual evidence of an accident or incident.

  • Easily export reports

    Conveniently export a report into a spreadsheet so you can analyse further.

Complete control

Record instantly

Easily and instantly log different types of incidents, near misses and upcoming events – everything from alleged food poisoning, to visits from local authority officers, to maintenance reporting.

Easy management

For each case, simply update what actions have taken place and manage the process until the case is closed. Perfect for staying on top of your due diligence and preventing claims.

Identify trends

Create detailed reports about different sites and types of accidents and incidents. Exactly what you need to identify patterns and trends which can then be prevented with the right control measures.

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Increase awareness

Our Helpline module is a great way to increase awareness of accident and incident statistics at a site and company level. Enhanced knowledge that helps to create much safer environments.

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Easy data access

Keeping a record of and managing accidents and incidents is often a huge headache. There are always piles of documents to store and trawling through them to find the information you need is usually painful.

But with our Helpline module all this hassle is taken away instantly. Every accident, incident or near miss you log is safely and permanently uploaded to our cloud-based servers. Smart technology you can instantly access and quickly search through to get what you need.

Keep everyone informed

How do you make sure all the right people know everything they need to know about accidents, incidents and near misses?

Simple. With our Helpline module, you can easily set up what notifications team members and managers receive on their dashboard, ensuring they’re always up-to-date with critical information and any actions they need to carry out.

How your business benefits in a nutshell

Team members

  • Accidents and incidents can be easily logged, viewed and managed
  • Notes, photos, attachments and actions can be instantly attached to a case
  • Use a range of terms to search through cases and find the info you want
  • Record different types of accidents and incidents in a few taps of your mobile device


  • Identify patterns and trends so you can implement preventative measures
  • View all the logged cases for every one of your business’s locations
  • Produce reports to help keep your board up-to-date with your overall risk status
  • Control access so only set users can retrospectively edit a case and delete attachments

Policy and Document modules included for free

Policy module

Upload your policies and procedures and give team members, managers, enforcement officers and local authorities easy access to what’s relevant to them.

Documents module

Fancy a massive filing cabinet that’s super easy to search? That’s pretty much what our Documents module is. Perfect for storing and browsing all your internal documents.

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