First-rate safety consultants for first-rate results

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Get serious about safety with our top safety consultants.

You don’t need to become a food safety and health & safety expert. Instead, you can simply use our safety consultancy services and put our top thinkers in your corner.

Working closely with you, our safety consultants can provide personalised support to help you with projects specific to your business. Or you can book them in to provide a range of products, including an annual risk management review, bespoke policy development, senior management training or to supplement your existing safety team.

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  • World-leading expertise

    We only provide top safety consultants who understand you, your business and your customers.

  • Effective tailored support

    Our safety consultants are experts at developing solutions that meet the exact needs of businesses.

  • Clear action plans

    If you need to improve in certain areas, we’ll provide detailed plans to get you safe and sorted.

  • Smart, intuitive tech

    We’ve created software that works hand-in-hand with our safety experts to make life easier for you.

  • Solve issues forever

    Our safety consultants offer a range of training to embed long-term solutions in your business.

  • Enjoy big savings

    The longer you book one of safety consultants for, the lower their day rate becomes.

Expertise that gets you safe and sorted

Use any of our safety consultancy services and you’re guaranteed the very best. That’s because every one of our safety consultants are environment health practitioners (EHP) who have an environmental health degree, at least five years of industry experience and chartered EHP status – or they’re working towards it.

On top of this, we have an in-house Helpline team who can continue to provide you with first-class support after your personal consultant has completed their work with you. Superior customer service you can rely on to keep you consistent and compliant long into the future.

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Policies that’ll transform your whole business

A lack of strong policy documentation is one of the main reasons why your business might fall foul of auditors, insurers and regulators. But you can easily sort out this issue by calling on the expertise of one of our consultants.

Working closely with you, they’ll first review all your existing documents against current legislation and best practice. Next, they’ll develop new policies that are up-to-date, easy to follow and tailored to your specific needs. Finally, they’ll show you how you and your team can easily view and share all your policies and procedures via our superb Policy module.

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