Part of The HEINEKEN Company, Star Pubs & Bars have been creating great British pubs for over 200 years. With nearly 2,700 premises across England, Scotland and Wales they are one of the UK’s largest operators of pubs and bars and have the highest turnover of any national pub company. Shield Safety delivered a complete compliance solution to Star Pubs and Bars, including our RiskProof software, access to our Safety Advice Line, Food Safety and Health & Safety Audits and Safety Management Systems.

The challenge

With no means to view overall compliance across their 2,700 sites, Star Pubs and Bars approached Shield Safety, in need of a cost-effective alternative to their paper-based compliance management system. Using this paper-based system, the only way Star Pubs could know what was going on was to physically visit each site. This, in addition to hours spent searching through paperwork naturally presented Star Pubs with a huge problem. A solution was needed, one that could be easily implemented and offer central reporting across their sites.

The difference with Rob is he used to be a Business Development Manager and work for a pub company, and I think that makes a massive difference. He talks in our language.

With Shield Safety all the stress and hassle is removed. There’s no more time wasted hunting though piles of paperwork. RiskProof gives us the management overview of multiple sites we so needed.

We give our BDMs an iPad, onboard them, give them a policy folder and they are good to go straight away.

What I particularly love about the system is that EHOs have a lot of confidence in it. As a result we are getting a lot of 5* ratings. It really is a great system. It’s very intuitive, it’s flexible and can be made site specific. To use Shield Safety’s tagline, it really does ‘make safety simple!

Kevin Robertson

Health, Safety & Operational Compliance Manager

Star Pubs


In addition to the delivery of our full package of products and software, Star Pubs’ Business Development Managers (BDMs) have benefitted from ongoing day-to-day technical support and the redevelopment of their policies.

They have received training, auditing and capability sessions from our Head of Consultancy, Rob Easton, in order to ensure they fully understand Compliance Centre, their results and the actions to take when they fall short of standards required. A former BDM himself Rob’s sessions have been very well received.

With an Environmental Health Practitioner on call 24/7 to deliver help via our online system or phone, Star Pubs tells us the Safety Advice Line has also been an invaluable tool. Reducing internal pressures, our Advice Line has enabled Star Pubs and Bars to better grow their business, knowing any incidents are dealt with swiftly and correctly.

The impact

Before Shield Safety, Star Pubs and Bars’ Health and Safety compliance was conducted solely using a paper-based system. Compliance checks would take on average two hours to complete, while many members of staff were unclear of what was needed to be done, how and why. With our award-winning software that’s all changed.

Following the implementation of our system, Star Pubs and Bars have seen a dramatic increase in productivity. Compliance checks now take between 30 and 60 seconds and require nothing more than an iPad.

With everything they need accessible online, onboarding new BDMs is now also significantly easier.

But what Star Pubs and Bars tell us they like most about the system is the impression it makes on EHO’s, and the high FHRS scores they receive as a result.

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