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Our Training module is an incredibly helpful tool that will make it much simpler for you to meet your legal training requirements and save you time and money.

From easily identifying the training needs of every employee, to receiving alerts about out-of-date training, to assigning training courses with ease, you can do it all and so much more.

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Love all of this

  • Manage with ease

    Centrally store and manage all training records for every staff member and site.

  • Share complete picture

    Quickly provide an overview of the training status of an individual, site or your business.

  • Assign training instantly

    Conveniently specify training courses for a specific job role or individuals across all sites.

  • Stay in control

    Easily create alerts to tell you when training is set to expire and who requires new training.

  • Find data fast

    Comfortably search through your training records to find the information you need quickly.

  • Attach evidence safely

    Securely add training certification and documents to an individual’s training record.

Smart software

True transparency

Use our Training module to increase awareness of training needs and completion across your business. Great for improving the development of employees and meeting legal requirements.

Clear evidence

Receiving a visit from an officer from your local authority? Our Training module makes it incredibly easy for you to provide evidence of what training has been completed by your team members.

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Superior service

We’re more than happy to help you set up your Training module so it perfectly meets your needs. This typically involves us working with you to identify the training needs of all your employees.

Complete control

Assign training courses by job roles or to individuals. Tick. Easily record the completion of courses. Tick. Safely store all your vital training data in an easy-to-search location. Tick.

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Easy data access

Keeping a record of required and completed training is often a huge headache. There are always piles of documents to store and trawling through them to find the information you need is usually painful.

But with our Training module all this hassle is taken away instantly. Every update to a training record is safely uploaded to our cloud-based servers. Smart technology you can instantly access and quickly search through to get what you need.

Keep everyone informed

How do you make sure all the right people at your business know everything they need to know about training?

Simple. With our Training module, you can easily set up what notifications team members and managers receive on their dashboard, ensuring they’re always up-to-date with critical information and any actions they need to carry out.

How your business benefits in a nutshell

Team members

  • Easily update and add certification to the records of employees
  • Staff can receive alerts about out-of-date and upcoming training
  • Intuitive design makes it simple for employees to use the module
  • A range of terms can be used to search through records


  • Centrally manage and store training records for every employee
  • Provide your board with an overview of your business’s training status
  • Save time and money by using our logical and efficient software
  • Feel more confident that you are meeting all your legal requirements

Policy and Document modules included for free

Policy module

Upload your policies and procedures and give team members, managers, enforcement officers and local authorities easy access to what’s relevant to them.

Documents module

Fancy a massive filing cabinet that’s super easy to search? That’s pretty much what our Documents module is. Perfect for storing and browsing all your internal documents.

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