Let our diaries make your safety checklists a doddle

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A simple checklist solution that’ll make life so much easier

Ready to drive up standards and performance while saving time and money? That’s what our nifty compliance diaries/checklists can do for you by effectively managing your safety and operational checks, all in one place.

Created by our in-house experts, our diaries - available in paper or digitally - have become a priceless bit of kit for all types of companies across the UK, including start-ups, small businesses and large established chains. Discover their power today.

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Meeting your all-round needs

We offer a range of compliance diaries that are the simplest and clearest way to record, monitor and present your safety checks.

Kitchen diary

Includes a range of checks for back-of-house staff, including those that focus on the cooking, cooling and storage of food.

Manager’s diary

Includes a wide range of checks for managers, including those that focus on stock, staffing and cleaning.

Maintenance diary

Includes a wide range of checks, including those that focus on cleaning, the monitoring of faults and fire safety.

Bespoke diary

Includes a combination of checks selected by you and Shield Safety to meet your business’s exact needs.

Love all of this

  • Every check together

    All your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks are clearly presented in one place.

  • Consistent, clear evidence

    Our diaries provide clear proof of what you’re doing to meet legislation and best practice.

  • Improve team communication

    Regular use of our diaries can significantly improve communication within your teams.

  • Expert industry advice

    Our diaries feature pages of advice from industry experts to improve employee performance.

  • Cut printing costs

    Say goodbye to constantly printing out checklists and potentially save thousands of pounds.

  • Tailored for you

    Work with our team to identify the checks your bespoke diary should feature to meet your needs.

Enjoy all these savings

By bringing all your safety and operational checks into one super handy tool, you can quickly cut costs, save time and take the faff out of compliance.

Save time

Using one compliance diary to cover all your checks means you’ll spend less time on staff training, while employees will spend less time moving from one safety system to another.

Save money

Switching from a range of safety systems to using our diaries as your core checklist tool could slash your subscription fees and printing costs too.

Save hassle

Our diaries provide an incredibly easy way to record, monitor and present compliance, making life far easier for team members, managers and your business as a whole.

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Benefit from bespoke brilliance

Whether you’re a one-man band or have a string of restaurants, we’re positive we can get you consistent, tracked and compliant. That’s because our safety specialists can work closely with you to develop a bespoke compliance diary for your team members that meet their specific needs.

Typically, this involves us visiting your premises to learn about your exact requirements and reviewing the due diligence forms you currently use. From there, our experts will create a customised diary for your team, which can then be trialled to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

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Got a question or need some further guidance?

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