Beer Styles

The aim of this course is to provide greater knowledge of beer styles to both licensed premises staff and beer enthusiasts.

Course details

Duration: 60 mins

Course type: eLearning

Number of candidates: 1 per licence

Learning outcomes

  • Confidently offer customers information on the products you’re selling, including style and strength
  • Merchandise your range of craft beer to encourage customer purchases
  • List the four primary ingredients of beer, and explain what each contributes to the beer flavour and aroma
  • Recognise different packaging formats and the typical serve temperature for each
  • Identify different styles of craft beers, their qualities and food pairings
  • Explain the ‘The Three Cs’ with regard to recommending beer and food pairings

Who needs this qualification?

All bar staff. It teaches the bar professionals everything they need to know in order to talk to their customer with knowledge and confidence.

Why is this training important?

By having a greater knowledge of beer styles, staff can confidently make recommendations to customers or friends who may not have considered beer as a drink of choice before, and therefore encourage repeat custom and help the craft beer culture to grow.

eLearning is purchased on an individual cost per licence basis and one licence is needed per candidate that you require to be trained. Licences can be pre purchased as part of one of our bundles. To view our bundles visit our Training page.