Bar Excellence

  • This course is made in association with Cask Marque and covers legal policies, such as underage drinking and smoking.
  • Inducting and training new bar staff can be time consuming and costly. This is why the Bar Excellence Award has been developed. Made in association with Cask Marque, this course is an online induction programme.

Course details

Duration: 1-2 hours

Course type: eLearning

Number of candidates: 1 per licence

Learning outcomes

  • Understand legal compliance
  • Recognise forms for proof of ID
  • Explain best practice in customer service
  • Ability to perfect serve all drinks categories
  • Understand the maintenance of bar equipment
  • Identify situations which could constitute an offence under the Licensing Act 2003, such as serving somebody who is underage or somebody who is drunk
  • Deliver excellent customer service, from preparing the bar for service to handling complaints effectively
  • Properly serve a range of drinks, from craft beer to Coca Cola, using the correct glassware and serving techniques
  • Adhere to strict staff hygiene requirements, ensuring high standards of personal grooming
  • Outline procedures for cleaning and operating ice making machines and glass wash machines

Who needs this qualification?

Personal license holders or as an induction programme designed for both new and existing bar staff.

Why is this training important?

This course provides information on how to provide good customer service, how to correctly serve cask ale and keg beers, Guinness, spirits and mixers, soft drinks, wines, coffee and how to maintain good hygiene for both personnel and the bar.

It delivers a consistent and clear training programme including all the topics employees need to know about before stepping behind the bar.

Assessment type

Learners will be assessed throughout the course, with a total of 40 questions.

70% of the questions will need to be answered correctly in order to pass and receive a certificate.

eLearning is purchased on an individual cost per licence basis and one licence is needed per candidate that you require to be trained. Licences can be pre purchased as part of one of our bundles. To view our bundles visit our Training page.