Drugs Awareness

Drugs Awareness training aims to provide learners with a general awareness of drugs and prepare those working on licensed premises for handling situations of drug dealing and use. The course shows users what class A, B and C drugs look like, their effects and outlines the penalties that can occur through their unlawful possession and use on licensed premises.

Course details

Duration: 60 mins

Course type: eLearning

Number of candidates: 1 per licence

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the drug classification and legislation
  • Confidence in the anti-drugs policy
  • Recognise how to assess the risks and apply a control strategy
  • Spot and stop drug use/drug dealing
  • Recognise drug-related medical emergencies
  • List the most common drugs used on licensed premises and their effects
  • Identify the correct pub category of a premises and the level of risk associated with that category
  • Explain the impact of drugs on licensed premises
  • Assess the risk of drug use on the premises and implement an anti-drugs policy
  • Identify drugs litter, recent drug use and drug dealing on premises

Who needs this qualification?

This drug and alcohol awareness training course is useful for those working in high-risk industries such as hospitality, anyone who has to manage people, or those who work with vulnerable people such as adolescents.

This training is particularly relevant to personal license holders, premises supervisors, door supervisors and bar and counter staff.

Why is this training important?

To ensure colleagues are aware of the legal and social issues surrounding drug use and drug dealing on licensed premises. It also raises awareness of the size and scale of substance misuse in the UK, the most commonly abused drugs, and how to spot signs of a problem.

Assessment type

Upon completion of the course, learners will complete an end of learning assessment consisting of 20 questions.

70% of the questions will need to be answered correctly in order to pass and receive a certificate.

eLearning is purchased on an individual cost per licence basis and one licence is needed per candidate that you require to be trained. Licences can be pre purchased as part of one of our bundles. To view our bundles visit our Training page.