Health and Safety rules can admittedly, sometimes, be a bit ridiculous these days. From poppies no longer coming with pins so we don’t prick ourselves to work places displaying written guidelines on how to safely make it up the stairs… Yes, really.

Obviously some rules aren’t really necessary and that’s where good Risk Assessments comes in to practice. A Risk Assessment is an important step in protecting your workers and your business, as well as complying with the law. It helps you focus on the risks that actually matter – the ones with the potential to cause harm.

A recent case in the news shows the potential harm that can be done when a Risk Assessment isn’t put in place before commencing with work. A Council has been fined for serious safety failings after workers struck and ruptured an underground gas pipe releasing almost four tonnes of gas. The surrounding area was evacuated immediately after the incident occurred.

Following the case, the HSE Inspector said: “This incident was both entirely foreseeable and easily preventable. The Council’s failures all related to inadequate Risk Assessment…”

The key words clearly being ‘easily preventable’, completing Risk Assessments and effectively managing health and safety in the workplace is good for your business. It does not only keep your employees safer but it also can have a beneficial impact on business insurance costs.

Making a start on your Risk Assessments today will potentially save lives, money and time.