The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 requires all food handlers to be trained in to level that is commensurate with their work activity. All food business operators must therefore ensure their staff are trained, supervised or instructed to an appropriate level.

Mistakes made when handling food can cause food poisoning. This may result in severe illness or, in extreme cases, the death of the person who has eaten contaminated food. If this happens, questions are asked by the enforcing authority and even the media, as to why this arose.

Ignorance of hygiene rules can cost money. Operating with untrained food handlers is an offence in itself however it can also lead to other food safety laws being broken, sub-standard food being produced and unnecessary food wastage due to spoilage. Civil claims for compensation may also be made by dissatisfied customers of whom the financial consequences can be even greater. This can also prompt the Council to take formal action including closing the business; the courts have the power to impose fines on the food business for their failures and, in extreme cases the food business operator can go to prison.

Much of the above can be avoided by ensuring your food handlers receive training. A Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering, available from My Training Academy is a valuable tool for all those acting in a supervisory capacity. Legislation requires that food handlers with a supervisory responsibility for your HACCP or Food Safety Management System must be trained to an equivalent level. This training also assists in coaching and monitoring of junior staff or implementing your Food Safety Management System, to make sure mistakes caused by mishandling of foods are reduced.