Introducing the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Re-Visit Service

Has your business been awarded a low Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) ‘score on the door’? As last week’s blog Fresher’s week: the difference between having flies or fries with that discusses, many food businesses in the UK are struggling to maintain high levels of cleanliness – which has a significant impact on the score. A drop in standards can lead to catastrophic consequences for both you and your customers, including large fines or, even worse, closure.

To help increase food hygiene levels in a business and customer service experience, Shield Safety are pleased to announce our new Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Re-Visit Service for any business who has received a score of 2 or below.

We know too well how a low rating can seriously affect customer confidence, on top of the social and economic impact a poor score can have, which could also impact on the business’s viability.

Although displaying a Food Hygiene Rating score is only currently a legal requirement in Wales, the law will soon be introduced in England and Ireland and it is already expected practice that scores are visible. Having a food hygiene rating sticker clearly displayed in the window announcing a high score will encourage consumers to venture through your doors. After the launch of the Food Hygiene Rating law in Wales which made it mandatory to publish scores, restaurants were straightaway seeing the positive impact on their business, as reported in Wales Online.

What does the service involve?

FHRS Helpline Case Management allows us to create an action plan to close off any outstanding issues picked up by the local authority, informing them that we are working with you to improve standards. Our team will produce an evidence pack for the Local Authority with a re-rate application.

FHRS Re-Visit Half Day Coaching Visit by a qualified Environmental Health Practitioner involving a thorough inspection to pick up on all issues, followed by a coaching session. The EHP will work closely with management and staff so you are confident in all areas.

FHRS Re-Visit 2 Hour Closing Visit is an optional inspection once all actions have been completed, to give you that extra sense of security knowing you are compliant and ready for the next knock at the door.

What’s in it for you?

• An improved Hygiene Rating
• Increased customer confidence – drives footfall and revenue
• Enhanced business reputation with customers, staff, competitors and local authority
• Earned recognition – less frequent inspections by the local authority
• A sense of pride and achievement

Shield Safety are here to support you in achieving a FHRS score you can be proud of, unlike the owner of kebab shop Dragon Grill House in Merthyr Tydfil who tried to hide his low score of 1 from the public by displaying a rating of 5!

Call us now on 020 3740 3744 or visit our homepage today to find out more about our newest product and how we can help you.

The information contained in this blog article has been created for marketing purposes and is not official guidance and should not be used as a substitute for official food safety, health and safety or fire safety advice. Shieldyourself take no responsibility if the information in the blog article is used to form part of a safety management system or used to form part of any legal or regulatory compliance for your business. For official guidance and to engage with Shieldyourself services please do call our team on 020 3740 3744 or email

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