Improving your food safety and health & safety compliance

Following on from our previous blog What is the cost of poor food hygiene ratings?, complying with food safety – as well as health and safety – regulations is a relatively straightforward way to ensure your business stays off the register of poorly rated businesses. The first step is to establish which areas you need to focus on first. One of the most reliable ways of doing so would be to call on the services of an independent, food safety, fire safety and health & safety audit consultancy, who can help you identify key areas to improve on.

Once you’ve done this, you should then involve other members of your workforce. Reaching the ultimate goal of compliance – which then feeds into your long-term business objectives – will be easier if everyone is on the same page. Invest some time in making sure all employees are fully up-to-date with the regulations and what was identified during your audit so they know what to avoid.

This would also be an appropriate stage at which to obtain your workers’ opinions on what they think could help improve both their working lives and your business’ compliance levels. Hearing their unique insights will help you develop a more rounded awareness of the business.

Can compliance boost productivity?

A business’ productivity is down to the people it employs. However, certain tools can give it a boost. Automation and software programs have the ability to free up time which can be better spent elsewhere. It means that your business’ leaders do not have to spend any more time on compliance activities than is necessary.

With compliance software like Compliance Centre, you can entrust it to provide you with your organisation’s risk status and a central location where you can store all your compliance data. It also offers real-time reporting, which lets you monitor your company’s progress towards achieving compliance, as well as reminders of outstanding actions.

Software such as this allows companies to spend their time on activities aimed at boosting overall productivity levels, whether that means implementing a new training programme or analysing new methods for marketing campaigns. Once the compliance administrative tasks are taken care of, you and your fellow leaders can spend your time on projects that require more creativity and strategic thinking.

Contact us today to learn how we could help your business stay on top of its food safety compliance requirements.

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