How can dynamic data inform real-time change in your business? 

At Shield Safety, we’re transforming how businesses manage safety through the delivery of trusted safety solutions designed to drive growth, improve well-being, and ultimately, save lives. For us, there is nothing more important than safeguarding people’s health.  

In our recent webinar, we looked at the opportunity presented by digital safety monitoring and reporting processes, and how dynamic data insights can inform real-time change in your business, from improving safety on the most basic level, to enabling exceptional customer experiences. 

Traditional methods of safety monitoring and reporting have fallen behind the rapid pace of technology, leaving businesses vulnerable to unforeseen risks. Outdated systems and a reliance on paper recording has hindered the ability to effectively address critical safety issues highlighted by audits. 

In the webinar, Rob Easton, Head of Environmental Health, and Brian Makuwere, Product Owner at Shield Safety, discussed the benefits of transitioning away from paper-based risk management to using digital insights tools including the newly launched reporting tool on RiskProof. The safety management software harnesses real-time audit insights to prompt immediate change and improve safety management practices. The webinar is available on-demand now, giving you the opportunity to discover the all-new reporting suite, available to users of RiskProof. 

With enhanced visualisation tools, the introduction of standardised KPIs, and improved filtering options, businesses can now efficiently identify and address safety risks in real-time, and present these to all areas of the business from the boardroom to the front of house. This allows them to make informed decisions, manage safety across your estate with ease, and ultimately create safer environments for their employees and customers. 

Re-watch the full webinar now – simply complete the short form below and learn how real-time data can improve the way you manage safety in your business! 

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