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Unlock extra monitoring features

So far you've had access to a single set of checklists, with one user.

Complete access to the Monitoring module will give you the ability to create, edit and complete your own checklists - you can even build in operational checks if required – creating a system that’s bespoke to your business. There is even a handy scheduling function that means you can stagger checks throughout the day – and prevent checks from being completed retrospectively for greater accuracy and peace of mind.

You will also be able to access and view all previously logged checklists by location quickly and easily. Reports will show percentage completion, with details of specific checklists routinely missed so you can act quickly to get back on track.

See the full power of RiskProof

You have experienced the benefits of the monitoring module, and there is so much more to RiskProof...

RiskProof comes with a core of standard features, with all other modules built on this foundation. Our core functionality gives you access to our policy module, documents module, your RiskProof status, to-do’s and settings.

Our mighty modules have been designed by our team of world-class experts. Our pioneering safety modules can be customised to meet your company’s exact needs. So don’t waste any time. Get safe and sorted quicker and easier than you ever imagined.

Our modules include Risk Assessment, Audit, Fire, Training, Helpline and Registry.