Staying Legal – Recruitment

Research has found that many businesses are unaware of what is and isn’t legally acceptable during the recruitment and selection process. This course aims to provide supporting information to improve knowledge and awareness.

Course details

Duration: 30 mins

Course type: eLearning

Number of candidates: 1 per licence

Learning outcomes

  • Explain the importance of staying legal and avoiding claims of unlawful discrimination.
  • Effectively safeguard your business and your team from any implications when recruiting.
  • Confidently recruit whilst remaining within your legal obligations.
  • Increase the reputation of the business as a fair employer.
  • Avoid claims of unlawful discrimination, therefore avoiding costly legal fees.

Who needs this qualification?

This activity is suitable for business owners, managers, HR team members and anyone who plays a role in the employment of new team members.

This course would benefit any team members who play a role in recruitment.

Why is this training important?

This course aims to inform learners of the many scenarios in which they can avoid claims of unlawful discrimination and stay legal through the recruitment process.

There is no individual Act governing recruitment and selection, however there are numerous Acts dealing with the recruitment process which will be covered in this online course.

Assessment type

Upon completion of the course, learners will complete an end of learning assessment consisting of 5 questions.

100% of the questions will need to be answered correctly in order to pass and receive a certificate.

There are a number of quiz questions throughout the course.

eLearning is purchased on an individual cost per licence basis and one licence is needed per candidate that you require to be trained. Licences can be pre purchased as part of one of our bundles. To view our bundles visit our Training page.