Level 2

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment Training qualification is designed to help improve the workplace culture for occupational health and safety by enabling learners to understand the basic principles of risk assessment.

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Course details

Duration: Half day

Course type: Classroom

Number of candidates: 1 - 12

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to contribute both to the maintenance of a safe work environment and to the process of formal risk assessment
  • Understand the legal requirements for risk assessment
  • Identify hazards, risks and control measures
  • Utilise the five steps of risk assessment
  • Define the hierarchy of control
  • Review risk assessments and record keeping

Open course start dates

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone in a work environment as it raises learners’ awareness of the concept of risk assessment.

Why is this training important?

This Level 2 in Risk Assessment was created in response to industry requirements for all employees to be risk-aware. Although not all employees will be expected to undertake risk assessments themselves, they may be asked to contribute to the process and will be expected to act always to protect their own health and safety and that of others.

Assessment type

Multiple Choice Examination