Level 2

Food Safety in catering

The Level 2 Food Safety Training Course has been developed to address the growing need to make learning more relevant to specific business environments. The Level 2 Award in Food Safety provides a flexible syllabus that enables training to be tailored to meet specific needs.

Course details

Duration: Half day

Course type: Classroom

Number of candidates: 1 - 12

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a firm grasp of the importance of food safety and knowledge of the systems, techniques and procedures involved
  • Understand how to control food safety risks (personal hygiene, food storage, cooking and handling)
  • Gain the confidence and expertise to safely deliver quality food to customers. Refreshment of this qualification is recommended at least every three years

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone working in a catering, manufacturing or retail setting where food is prepared cooked and handled. Typical environments may include:

  • Pubs, hotels, restaurants
  • Supermarkets and retail environments
  • Food and drink manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Schools
  • Prisons

Why is this training important?

Employers are legally obliged to provide training. Everyone who works with food has a special responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers and ensuring the food they serve or sell is perfectly safe to eat.

Assessment type

Multiple Choice Examination