Safety Advice Line

Instant access to expert advice from qualified Environmental Health Practitioners

Managed by a team of fully qualified EHP’s, the Safety Advice Line is an interactive service that provides support and expert guidance regarding any and all environmental health issues that may arise within your business.

With different levels of service available to suit your business’ requirements, the Safety Advice Line serves to help reduce compliance stress and improve your business’ Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety. Managed by your own dedicated and fully qualified advisor who fully understands your business, you can rest assured the best support is at hand.

Premium service

Available 24/7, all cases are processed within 24 hours

Standard service

Available 8am to 5pm, all cases are processed within 48 hours

Fully Qualified EHPs

With all advice and support provided by only fully qualified EHP’s you will receive the absolute best advice all of which is in-line with the latest legislation. In addition, all our clients receive their own dedicated Safety Advice Line technician, meaning consistent advice is received at all time. What’s more, as the UK’s largest employer of EHPs, many of our team members are experts in niche areas of environmental health, such as waste management and noise pollution, meaning we are able to offer our clients the very best expertise and advice.

Award Winning Software

Our award-winning Compliance Centre Software stores your full case history and extensive overview reports. Cases can be logged on Compliance Centre at anytime, anywhere by anyone you authorise to do so.

Official Officer Visits

Following a visit from an EHO we will liaise with you to ascertain the questions you were asked and the actions required. We will then work with you to help you successfully execute these actions and achieve compliance.

Bespoke Investigations

Unlike many of our competitors we will look at each case in its entirety, carrying out a thorough investigation that considers the smallest of details. We will gather witness statements, photographic evidence and assist with any EHO involvement.

Trusted to protect thousands of the UK’s leading brands

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