The new version of the Compliance Centre still uses the much liked traffic-light scoring system: green is good; amber is medium and red means a lot of room for improvement. However, to make the Compliance Centre even more user-friendly and more accessible for those with colour vision deficiency, a system of dots and face symbols has been integrated so that everyone can easily figure out their status.

To put it simply, the score bands are represented as follows:
Lowest score band:  1 red dot & unhappy face
Intermediate score band:  2 amber dots & expressionless face
Highest score band:  3 green dots & happy face

For detailed information on how your score bands are calculated, you can click ‘Find out how your status was calculated’ in the Overall Status section of the Dashboard. This will load the ‘Status Report’ page where you’ll find a breakdown of status scores for each App at every location. This lets you hone in on exactly what’s dragging your status down as well as highlighting which locations are pulling out all the stops to stay compliant!