First Aid Training with My Training Academy

Would you know how to help?

Do you move them? Should you call an ambulance? Should you use a defibrillator if you haven’t had training? Do you put a something in the mouth of someone having an epileptic seizure?

If you happen to have an accident in your workplace would you know how to help one of your colleagues or customers?

Now fingers crossed you may never have to attempt to resuscitate another person, but should you discover someone not breathing or having some form of medical issue wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence to treat them correctly and efficiently until the emergency services arrive to take over.

There are a lot of myths surrounding first aid and the Vinnie Jones Stayin’ Alive advert didn’t really clear things up very well!

My Training Academy’s Emergency First Aid at Work course is the perfect remedy for those still unsure, new to first aid training and experienced certificate holders who require a refresher.

One of our expert trainers can visit your location and base the course on potential accidents happening in your business providing you with a bespoke and truly insightful course.

Alternatively if you would rather come to us you are more than welcome to visit one of our locations to attend the course on behalf of your company.

First aid training is not and should not be limited to those requiring a certificate as part of their job, first aid is a great skill to learn for your own knowledge should an accident happen.

Would you know how to help someone in their time of need?

If you’re unsure or have any questions that you would like clearing up please contact one of the My Training Academy team on 020 3740 3745 or email

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