Compliance Centre Upgrade

Following the recent revamp of the Compliance Centre, you’ll have noticed some key functionality improvements as well as stylishly sleek new design. Take a look at some of the great new features we’ve put together for navigating your new system:

New and improved Dashboard
The new-look dashboard is now more informative than ever! Detailed numerical analysis has been introduced to show how many locations are in each score band as well quick-links to the reports and drill-down pages for more specific data. This way, you get an instant summary of how well your locations are doing as soon as you log in.

Change the look
More bespoke than ever before! You now have the facility to fully customise the colour theme. Choose from one of our suggested presets or why not enter your company colours? What’s more, you can also upload your own company logo!

Clearer layout
The layout of Helpline cases and Audits has now been tapered to give you a clearer view of the page. Helpline cases now only show completed sections and state which sections are outstanding. Likewise, the Audit display is now broken into easier to digest sections so that you can drill down to exactly the detail you need and save time reading through the entire report. A quick scan through the ‘Executive summary’ will point you to the pressing action points. Click on the individual action points to see full details of its progress.

Responsive Design
Your chic new Compliance Centre not only has a cleaner look, but its fluid design allows the display to adapt to the size of the window! Resize your browser window or use a smaller-screen device (in landscape or portrait mode!) and watch as the menus reshape to optimise your view and fit in all the vital info. This is great when you have multiple pages open at the same time (not to mention it makes your daily Monitoring checks a breeze – try logging them whilst whizzing around your establishment on a tablet or mobile!).

Any questions?
Need help with something not mentioned here? No problem – simply visit the FAQs section by clicking ‘Help’ to the right of the header. Here, you’ll find an App-by-App breakdown of our most commonly received queries. There will even be some videos in the footer to help out if you’re really stuck!

Alternatively, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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