Recently a groom in Los Angeles interrupted his best man’s speech to jump to the rescue of his 60 year old relative. She was eating a piece of steak at the wedding reception, and began to choke. The Groom, Cody Campbell, remembered his first aid training and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre  to dislodge the meat from her throat.

This brought back thoughts of a Shieldyourself client who had received First Aid Training from My Training Academy. Only a few days later, one of their customers was choking and a member of staff who attended the training saved their life too. At some point everybody will know that feeling of panic and gasping for air when ‘something goes down the wrong way’.

There are about 16,000 cases of choking treated in the UK each year. But if the obstruction is removed quickly, no lasting damage will be done.  First Aid in the Workplace is not just about ticking the legal boxes. As with these two stories it is the difference between life and death.

Shieldyourself can deliver first aid training to your business to deal with these emergency situations if they occur. As for Cody’s emergency situation, his relative was not put off the rest of her steak. She finished her meal and danced the night away. Wonder if she danced to ‘I will survive’.