The Shocking Truth about Food Poisoning Allegations

Imagine this; you decidefor your lunch you will go to that trendy restaurant everybody has been telling you about. You order a succulent burger. A few hours later you are experiencing all the usual symptoms of food poisoning.

Now, an easy assumption to make would be to believe that the food poisoning must have been caused by the last meal you ate i.e. that diabolically delicious burger. Well think again!

It is estimated that each year in the UK around a million people suffer a foodborne illness. Even though, the illness could have originated from nearly anywhere, most people have a clear perpetrator in mind when they fall ill- the food outlet.

Research shows people will often blame the elements outside their control rather than themselves. This is why a lot of individuals believe that if they get a dose of food poisoning it certainly wasn’t caused by food that they prepared and cooked at home. However, the symptoms of food poisoning can take a day or two (or even longer) to appear so the source of the illness can often be from several days ago. This means that the illness could have been caused by something eaten at home rather than from dining out. Furthermore, the FSA research confirms that many people’s habits are nowhere near as hygienic as they like to believe! Many households have little or no regards to food hygiene which would suggest that they are more likely to poison themselves.

Whether you have the best hygiene standards in the world the public will occasionally blame your business for their upset stomachs. With so many potentially sick and angry customers you need to prepare! Our Helpline Team offers just the right support. We will help you manage your alleged food poisoning cases from the initial communication with the customer to reviewing your records and procedures ensuring you comply with all the necessary food safety legislation. We answer any questions you have in regards to food safety and help improve your existing practices. We also assist in explaining to that angry customer that maybe on that occasion it wasn’t your award winning burger that caused their illness.

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