Helpful ways to cater for dry January customers

After the decadent excesses of Christmas and New Year, it’s small wonder people want to detox their bodies by climbing aboard the wagon. Abstaining from alcohol is one of the UK’s most popular New Year’s resolutions, but sadly few make it past the first Friday of the year without succumbing to a post work pint or mealtime tipple.

Now however, abstaining from booze at the beginning of the New Year has become a tradition among many spent festive revellers, and a campaign has been launched to encourage more to ditch the drink this year.

Aptly named Dry January, the campaign was created in conjunction with Alcohol Concern to help people bid the booze goodbye for 31 days at the start of the New Year. While a month may not sound a long time to abstain from drink, the positives of doing so can be quite profound — with participants reporting weight loss, clearer skin and better sleep as a result of giving up alcohol.

Despite some businesses in the hospitality sector worrying that Dry January could have an impact on alcohol sales, at Shieldyourself, we think pubs, bars and restaurants should be doing more to help people lay off the liquor in support of this worthy cause.

If you support Dry January, here are some simple tips and ideas on how your business can better cater for those trying to give up alcohol this month.

Create a New Range of Adult-Friendly Mocktails

In normal circumstances, mocktail menus are left to gather dust at the end of the bar while punters order one of their boozy counterparts. But, seeing as spirits are off the menu during January, maybe it’s time to reinvent that tired list of non-alcoholic drinks so that they sound more appealing to Mr & Mrs Teetotaller.

By dreaming up a range of exciting and flamboyant mocktails to serve to your customers, you’ll help steer them away from Martinis and Margaritas in favour of something sweet, refreshing and 100% alcohol-free. For soft drink inspiration, check out these great mocktail recipes.

Avoid Booze Promotions

After two weeks on the wagon, the thirst for a pint will likely reach fever pitch — so try not to make it anymore difficult than it is. True, offering discounts on booze during January could earn you some quick cash, but it’ll also encourage teetotallers to throw in the towel and sink a pint or two before the month is out. Instead, why not offer promotions in February to those who have successively completed Dry January? That way you’ll make a quick buck while holding retaining the moral high ground.

Offer Soft Drink Promotions and Discounts

A great way to reward those abstaining from alcohol is to offer promotions, discounts or even freebies on certain soft drinks — much like some establishments do for designated drivers. While this could reduce your profit margin in the meantime, you’ll win the favour of the drinker in question — meaning they’ll keep coming back to drink on your premises when they’re able to down a pint once more. Given that Dry January is a sign-up only campaign, it’s easy to find out who’s taking part and who isn’t – just ask to see proof when offering the promotion.

Host an Alcohol-Free Event

Despite the UK’s fondest for alcohol, it is possible to have fun without it. To show just how great a booze-free night can be, why not host a zero-alcohol event, such as a cinema club or quiz night? By banning booze for one night only, you’ll show your support for Dry January while demonstrating that non-drinkers can still have a good time.

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