I don’t know about you, but I don’t personally know anyone who doesn’t give a restaurant a quick Google before they eat out these days. Sites such as Trip Advisor and the Food Standards Agency give potential customers information, reviews and Food Hygiene Rating about restaurants before they even consider making a visit.

A restaurant’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets and it is one of many reasons why it is imperative to learn and practice food safety. A recent survey conducted by the FSA, tracking the public’s attitude towards food safety, has shown that a huge 82% of consumers are aware of the food hygiene standards in the places they eat out at or buy food from. If your food hygiene standards are poor, the customer will know, leading to a bad reputation and loss of business.

An example is a recent news story about a ‘filthy fast food outlet’, which highlights the most common food safety issues.

The owner of the ‘filthy’ takeaway establishment pleaded guilty to 8 food hygiene charges, some of which being that raw meat was found to be kept next to fresh food and that thawing chicken was dripping on to cleaning sponges.

It is fair to say that this restaurant’s reputation has been completely tarnished and he won’t be making any money any time soon. The only payments being made will be prosecution charges and victim fees.

This is another great example of how important Food Safety Training is – no amount of money can repair a bad reputation.