Supporting the hospitality industry during COVID-19

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After just a couple of weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has laid waste to a once booming hospitality industry. Up and down the country, footfall drastically dropped as bars, restaurants and pubs took the financial hit.

The UK is now in lockdown for at least the next three weeks, and businesses risk sinking under the weight of upcoming bills, with many scrambling for solutions to help them survive. 

The industry response to COVID-19

The government has stepped in to prevent the collapse of swathes of hospitality businesses, promising billions of pounds in grants, tax relief and support for wages. However, the delays in cash are concerning some industry leaders and companies are looking in other directions in order to make money urgently. 

This has meant a pivot into delivery service for many. Whilst from the outside this may seem like a simple switch, there are many requirements to consider, and expert guidance is advised. 

The COVID-19 pandemic means that stringent health and safety provisions need to be followed to protect staff and customers, particularly as there is a risk of asymptomatic carriers. Although coronavirus has not been proven to be passed on through food, no one really knows what to expect from this virus. Being cautious is essential. 

The full impact of COVID-19 on hospitality and catering remains to be seen, but businesses of all sizes are coming together to minimise the impact as much as possible. 

Supporting each other 

It is scary times for everyone involved in the hospitality industry, and businesses are rightly unsure about what the future holds. 

Many organisations have offered support to those continuing to operate within this space, including Shield Safety Group. 

For businesses that are concerned about COVID-19, Shield Safety Group are offering a free advice line, open to all. Manned by a team of Environmental Health Professionals, it offers free safety advice to support workforces during this period. It is a lifeline for businesses that need expert advice but don’t know where to turn.

Another free resource that is proving popular is the bank of Risk Assessment PDFs, available in digital and paper format, designed to guide hospitality businesses in their next steps during COVID-19. 

Businesses must not feel alone when making these tough decisions. Whether they have decided to shut down completely, or switch to a takeaway option, Shield Safety Group have created support packs available to all for free. 

These commitment-free resources provide valuable guidance that will help protect employees and customers during the outbreak, and allow for a quicker reopen in the future. 

For all COVID-19 queries, access the COVID-19 Advice Line.

Download the Environmental Health Practitioner approved shutdown checklist.

For those businesses that are continuing to operate a service, keep staff protected with this takeaway and delivery checklist

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