Shield Safety’s 20th Birthday Weekly Roundup One

Since Shield Safety was established in 2003, we have been committed to helping business improve their safety standards. To commemorate turning 20 years old on the 27th May, we will be celebrating with our customers, colleagues, and partners for the next four weeks.

Week one round up…

The evolution of the Shield Safety brand over the last 20 years!

Meet our dedicated colleagues

Shield Safety is the UK’s largest employer of EHPs. If you’re interested in joining the Shield Safety family take a look at the vacancies available here

Giving back to you…

To celebrate 20 years of food, fire, and health & safety excellence across the UK’s hospitality, retail, and leisure sectors, and making the world a safer place to be, Shield Safety is offering 20 FREE spaces on their Level 3 Food Safety course!

Let’s talk statistics…

We have delivered over 100,000 Food and Health and Safety audits so you could say we are the leader in the field for sure.

Find out more about how audit services can help your business to thrive here

Spotlight moment…

Our Safety Advice Line gives clients access to a fully qualified EHP to support you with any query regarding food safety, health, and safety and fire safety issues. Discover how you can take advantage of having access to expert advice when you need it most here

We appreciate you…

We love making safety simple for our clients so they can focus on what they do best, creating wonderful food, drinks, and experiences for their customers.

One of our longest serving customers YO! explains why you need Shield Safety to help your business:

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