Here’s what some of the UK’s leading brands have to say about Shield Safety Group

Tesco plc

Founded in 1919, Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the world with shops in seven countries across Asia and Europe. It has over 3750 stores in the UK and has a market share of approx 27.4%.

Tesco use Shield Safety Group food safety experts and compliance centre to deliver better audits

Tesco worked with their previous audit provider for approximately 10 years, and wanted to explore a new approach to measuring compliance and support a good culture of compliance in the business. The previous provider had an online platform to manage completion of non-conformances, but the audits were very much seen to be a checklist audit without focus on continuous improvement.

Products and Services we provide Tesco:

Shield Safety Group offered auditors with a degree in Environmental Health, who are able to hazard spot and carry out a more risk based inspection and enabled Tesco to take a holistic approach and a coaching style of audit. This benefited the business through encouraging a positive audit experience that raised standards and supported best practice.

Close partnership and support for the teams working in People Safety, Food Safety and Regulatory within Tesco has resulted in a better quality of audit and development of an audit standard for stores based around the Tesco policies, procedures and practices. The audits have been designed to be reactive to emerging trends in the industry and are managed in line with a food safety management system that ensures calibration of auditors and control of process through a full programme of quality assurance and KPIs.

Shield Safety have demonstrated that the additional functionality of Compliance Centre in tracking of non-conformances has allowed audits to be scheduled by risk, affording Tesco to better utilise resource to focus attention on areas that will benefit the most.

Fiona Kibby, Head of Store Standards and Food Safety

Revolution Bars Group

With a strong and growing national presence, Revolution Bars Group are a leading operator of premium bars, with soon to be 70 sites located throughout the UK’s major towns and cities.

The Best Level of Service

‘Makers of the party spirit since 1996’, Revolution Bars Group pride themselves on premium drinks and a food-led offering through their Revolution Bars brand and sister brand Revolución de Cuba, characterised by a 1940s Cuban-inspired cuisine and cocktail menu.

Before partnering with Shield Safety, they had a wealth of information in multiple places, so visibility of overall risk across the multiple locations was difficult. Revolution Bars Group were initially attracted to Compliance Centre and its ability to pull all existing data into one online tool. We now work closely with Revolution Bars Group and has built them a tailor-made package, to reduce risk, improve processes and meet legal requirements.



I really like how the software is laid out and how easy it is to navigate. We can track issues, know exactly what needs doing and ring managers to make sure they are doing what they should be doing, and that’s providing the great level of service.

Three words I would use to describe Shield Safety Group… knowledgeable, they provide the best level of support at all times. Friendly, we have such a great relationship with our Account Manager. And efficient, mainly because of the way the system streamlines processes and how easy it is to follow.

Mike Buckley, Head of Compliance


Products and Services we provide Revolution Bars Group

Empire Cinemas

Founded in 2005, Empire Cinemas is the largest independently-owned cinema chain in the UK. They are passionate about film and driven to push the cinema experience to new and exciting levels across their 14 locations and 129 screens.

A new solution for a growing business

Empire Cinemas are committed to building and operating cinemas that provide the memorable experience that today’s filmgoers expect. This dedication to operations meant Empire Cinemas found as they moved along culturally as a company, they needed more when it came to managing safety.

As a new business, they worked with an independent Health & Safety consultant who provided them with a solid foundation of knowledge and set up their initial policies. However, as the business grew, they found increasing demands upon time and growing challenges to be able to demonstrate compliance so they needed to find a new solution. Shield Safety Group were happy to help.

Products and Services we provide Empire Cinemas:


We are advocates of Shield Safety here at Empire Cinemas. We use the full suite of Compliance Centre modules, and it really is embedded into the company now. We use the Monitoring Module on a daily basis to not only manage our safety checks but also our operational checks. The robust level of the reporting and easy access to key Health & Safety data has proved to be invaluable when dealing with the local authority and aiding us in defending insurance claims.

The access to their knowledge base and the support offered from the Safety Advice Line is also invaluable. Working closely with our Account Manager has enabled to simplify the way we manage safety even further. We also worked with the training team to create bespoke Food Safety and Health & Safety courses which were delivered to an excellent standard.

We have worked closely with a number of the Shield Safety team and find them to be supportive and able to bring fresh ideas to support our business.

Overall, we are delighted with the services Shield Safety Group offer.

Paul Baxter, Operations Director

The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is one of the world’s top 100 universities and has been ranked No.1 for student experience. Their Commercial Services have over 30 food based outlets including cafes, food courts, restaurants, hotels & a traditional pub and are continually developing and expanding their offering.

Keeping it in the Family

University of Sheffield run a tight ship when it comes to managing Food Safety across their multiple sites. In addition to internal monthly and quarterly Audits, Executive Chef Tracy Carr, came to us looking for a new third-party to carry out annual Audits on recommendation – after their previous Auditor came to join the Shield Safety family!

Though just at the start of their journey with us, they have had a successful Audit round and are even looking at adding to their provision from us.

Products and Services we provide University of Sheffield


The Audit experience was great, the assessments were really in-depth and covered everything that we wanted – including our existing codes of practice which was really important for us. The flexibility offered throughout the Audit round was brilliant too.

How would I describe Shield Safety? Approachable – they’re so easy to deal with and always say ‘Yes we can do that’. And accommodating – they worked with us throughout to adapt and innovate our existing system of working.

I would definitely recommend Shield Safety to others, so much so that we would like to move the rest of our Food Safety and Health & Safety services across to them too. The ‘one stop solution’ that they offer, delivered through Compliance Centre, is just what we are looking for.

Tracy Carr, Executive Chef

Gainford Group

Family-owned Gainford Group are renowned in the North East for their award-winning luxury venues. Playfully innovative restaurant and late bar, AVEIKA, and magically elegant, The Vermont Hotel, are raising the bar when it comes to standards on the Newcastle’s hospitality scene.

Doing the double – 5 FHRS ratings

With so many aspects to consider when running successful hospitality venues, Gainford Group were attracted to Shield Safety by the centralised system to manage safety, Compliance Centre. Alongside the implementation of Food Safety and Health & Safety Management Systems with corresponding Compliance Diaries, senior members of staff were supported in keeping ‘on top of all areas’.

Taking a proactive approach to improving compliance meant that issues were flagged and fixed at both sites ahead of visits from the EHO. This in turn led to both venues being awarded impressive Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) scores of 5. Not only was Gainford Group applauded for their work with Shield Safety, their relationship with their EHO has also improved.

Products and Services we provide Gainford Group

Many of our staff, though extremely skilled, had minimal experience in managing compliance previously which led to us reaching out for some third-party support. Giving them central tools to control compliance was a huge benefit, as was the onsite advice given during the visits, helping us to understand the issues which were found.

Being awarded FHRS ratings of 5 at both of our site reflects the high standards that we strive for throughout the organisation and by continuing to work with Shield Safety we are confident we will maintain these – cementing our strong relationship with our EHO.

The extra professionalism that Shield Safety has brought is recognised by the staff which I believe made us a more desirable Group to work with going forward.

Mark Gubbins, Finance Director

Mitchells & Butlers

Established in 1898, Mitchells & Butlers operate over 1,700 restaurants and pubs all over the UK. Offering a variety of eating and drinking-out experiences, they pride themselves on delivering great service, quality and value for money.

Increasing Monitoring

Mitchells & Butlers are one of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK, and they anticipate some of their brands to more than double in size over the next few years. They needed a form of monitoring outside of daily due diligence checks that could be used for central reporting.

Additionally, Mitchells & Butlers recently acquired a group of indoor play areas which involve specific risks. Shield Safety Group has conducted Audits for Mitchells & Butlers since 2014 to monitor areas of risk and safety outside of their normal daily operation.



The Compliance Centre was a strong tool sitting behind delivering Audits and has eased the whole process. Not only this, but Shield Safety Auditors are highly skilled and the whole audit programme was delivered and designed as promised. What sets them apart from other businesses is their positive attitude and passion for this industry.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Shield Safety Group and would recommend them to anyone who operates multiple businesses – as their safety performance is guaranteed to be measured and managed in an easy-to-use system.

Darren Read, Fire, Health and Safety Manager

Products and Services we provide Mitchells & Butlers

Flaming Cow

From a pioneering thought ‘Fast food doesn’t have to be tasteless or unhealthy’, Flaming Cow was born in December 2014 with sites in Windsor and subsequently Ealing, London. The independent, burger-loving foodies are pushing the boundaries when it comes to exploring the world of flavour combinations.

FHRS success – from a 1 to a 5

After expanding to two sites, it became increasingly difficult for Tarek Elawadi, Flaming Cow Director, to keep up with general compliance whilst he also played the role of front of house, general manager, stock taker and more. Ensuring both sites were completing due diligence was a challenge, and an out-of-date Food Safety Management System led to one branch being award a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) score of 1.

Working with the full range of Shield Safety products, including Compliance Diaries and a new Food Safety Management System, filled in the gaps and Tarek was also supported by the team through the FHRS re-visit process. Before this was even complete, the business received a visit from the EHO and was re-rated earlier than expected. With everything already in place, the visit went smoothly and the site was awarded a 5!

Products and Services we provide Flaming Cow

The great thing about Shield Safety products is that they are not generic or off-the-shelf, they were tweaked to make them fit our business. The work that you need to do is well-balanced between the actions carried out online, the paper-based checks and the face-to-face visits where the relationship is built.

I would absolutely recommend Shield Safety, especially to any company looking to build its foundations or streamline operations. Working with them enables businesses to make the prevention of issues part of the day-to-day operating procedures, rather than just dealing with them when they come in. Whether you’re a growing business or ‘one-stop-shop’, the products help in reinforcing those checks that can be so difficult to fit in when you’re already doing what feels like everything!

Tarek Elawadi, Director

El Capo

Opened in 2014, bar and restaurant, El Capo, has brought a fresh, authentic South American atmosphere to Manchester’s Northern Quarter. With Latin influenced beats and works of art – and the motto ‘We love Tequila. We love Cocktails. We love Tapas.’ – the venue depicts every aspect of the vibrant culture.

Improve communication

El Capo is currently a single site, however, owner Peter Skelton is set to open two more sites this year in Manchester city centre. Having already engaged with their services whilst working at his previous company, Peter came to Shield Safety with his own business because of their efficiency and reliability. El Capo needed clearer communication between front and back of house, which has been particularly achieved using Compliance Diaries and Compliance Centre.

Products and Services we provide El Capo

Shield Safety Group is a friendly company, who deliver high quality procedures to help us achieve full compliance. I feel confident that people are doing the correct job and are following the correct procedures. As we are set to expand, I wanted to streamline processes and ensure that no mistakes are made. Our Account Manager is always available and offers one-to-one support which is invaluable during an exciting time for us.

Would I recommend Shield Safety to others? 100%.

Peter Skelton, Director

Heywood House Hotel

Based in a former 18th century bank and located in the heart of Liverpool, stylish boutique hotel Heywood House is an eclectic mix of class furnishing with a modern twist. Formerly part of a group, the hotel now operates as a single site, receiving consistently high ratings and positive reviews.

Simplistic Systems to Manage Safety

Heywood House Hotel originally introduced Shield Safety services and products in order to improve consistency, after previously using all internal systems. Two years on, Assistant Manager James May, now relies on Compliance Centre and Compliance Diaries to help him keep on top of all areas of Health & Safety. By regularly logging on and checking the Dashboard, he has an instant view of the business. He has regular communication with our team of Environmental Health professionals, who are always on hand to offer expert advice when it’s needed the most.

Products and Services we provide Heywood House Hotel:

Shield Safety products and services make my life a lot easier. As I am not an expert in Health & Safety, it’s great to know that I have a support network on the other end of the phone of people who are ready to help.

A particularly memorable accident occurred within the first week I worked here, whilst I was alone on shift! The Safety Advice Line service and Helpline App was so useful as I had no experience in this area and they supported me through the process of dealing with the incident, even taking me through RIDDOR. I ring them at least once a week and now have good relationships with the specialists. It’s been quite educational working closely with them for the last two years.

Having used other systems in previous places of work, the simplicity of the Shield Safety systems makes them stand out as a company. During their onsite visits, it is clear that they are not here to punish or penalise us, they really are here to help. My overall experience with Shield Safety has been really positive and I definitely recommend them. Times are changing in this industry, there is an increasing amount to think about, Shield Safety help us keep on top of everything, with everything organised and in one place – essentially helping us protect the business.

James May, Assistant Manager

YO! Sushi

YO! Sushi is the original sushi brand in the UK and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Since first opening their doors to the UK public in 1997, the chain of restaurants now stands at 67 – and counting, with more restaurants set to open across the UK this year.

Continual Improvements

Shield Safety Group has worked with YO! Sushi since 2012 to improve their management systems. Their previous system was limited in information and reporting, with multiple forms in place and each of the restaurants followed different procedures. As the number of restaurants grew along with the need to carry out audits of individual restaurants every six months, the Compliance Centre helped to save time and improve consistency in the reporting.

The transition to the Compliance Centre was completed within two months and all of the YO! Sushi restaurants daily procedures were integrated into a new Diary system for each of the outlets to use for their daily checks and routines.

Products and Services we provide YO! Sushi


Our old system did not have a Training App or Safety Advice Line App, both of which we really needed. I wanted a system that would give me more in terms of management reports and greater functionality. We had been using the old system for five years and needed something new to stretch us and push us to the next level.

With the Compliance Centre I especially like that I get a complete overview of the entire company. I have everything I need at my fingertips, from a due diligence point of view. If I meet an EHP who wants to check training records for a location I simply log on to the Compliance Centre. From the Training App I can show them both the training records for individual staff members or the restaurant. As there is only myself in the company doing this job, it is essential I know what is going on. The Compliance Centre does that, whether it’s audits, accident recording or overdue Health and Safety requirements, I get an e-mail update.

After two years of working with the Compliance Centre, the system is now firmly embedded into the world of YO! Sushi. As we open more restaurants every year, in new towns and cities, the response we get from local authorities is that they have never seen a system like it. From its ease of use at restaurant level to the reports we get at head office, it increases our and EHP’s confidence in the company to a new level.

The team at Shield Safety help me by advising our General Managers what to do with accident records etc, and are available as a sounding block for me should I ever have any issues. We’re extremely proud of our Health and Safety record and Shield Safety is helping us to continue to improve across all our restaurants.

Health & Hygiene Manager, YO! Sushi

Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Interstate Hotels & Resorts manage over 47 hotels, restaurants, health clubs and luxury spas across the United Kingdom and around the world.

Strategic Development

Shield Safety Group started working with Interstate Hotels & Resorts back in 2009, with a brief to move them from a paper-based health and safety system to a single web-based platform all the hotels could use. Compliance Centre proved ideal and after a 12-week implementation period, we had supplied them with the whole compliance package.

Products and Services we provide Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Knowing that big hotels like the Radisson Blu and ABode were already using the software gave us reassurance that this was right for us as well. Once we had met the implementation team and our account manager to discuss the roll out plan everything clicked into place. The safety advice line was set up instantly and the Compliance Centre team could not have been more helpful

Matt Stray, Regional Vice President of Operations

The Light Cinemas

Founded in 2008, The Light Cinemas provides the ultimate ‘night out’ experience, with a friendly, comfortable environment, acting as a social hub for the local community.

Reduced Paperwork

The Light Cinemas has 6 sites and is excellent value for money, offering a licensed bar and snacks with the option to opt for the latest blockbuster or opera, ballet or theatre. They moved to Shield Safety Group with the intent to move from a paper-based Health and Safety system to a single web-based platform. Compliance Centre has simplified all areas of risk and reduced the amount of checks that were currently in place.

Products and Services we provide The Light Cinemas

The Shield Safety Team determined our needs from the outset, with a friendly and flexible approach, ensuring a stress free transition. Compliance Centre was a huge selling point as we needed a centralised system to manage compliance. Shield Safety Group has met and exceeded my expectations.

John Farrugia, UK Operations Manager


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