Compliance CentreRegistry Module

compliance centre audit module

Certification made simple
– your online filing cabinet in award-winning software

Compliance Centre Registry module is a simple and secure way to manage statutory certification in your business, whatever the size or industry. Brought to you by the UK’s largest team of Environmental Health professionals and software experts.

Goodbye filing cabinet

Wave goodbye to bulky storage systems taking up space and your time. The cloud-based Registry module is your new online filing cabinet for certification such as gas certificates, asbestos reviews, risk assessments and more.

Instant access

With the Registry module you know exactly where all your key documentation is, both current and historical, and you can access it instantly using the software. No more searching for lost certificates!

Automated due dates

All certificates are timestamped when you upload them. The Registry module then sends you Alerts when each item’s due date is coming up, so you can concentrate on organising the renewals.

Unlimited storage

One of the great things about our SaaS system Compliance Centre is that it has unlimited storage capabilities, allowing you to store as many certificates as you need, all in one place.

Compliance Centre features

Access all of these great features when you purchase the Registry module.


The Registry module feeds into an overall risk status for your business, accessible through your Dashboard. Giving you full visibility of your company’s ‘health score’ as soon as you log on.

Workflow management

With user specific Alerts (generated by the system) and To-Dos (generated by you) Compliance Centre gives you the tools to improve compliance and make safety simple.

Document management

Not only do we give you unlimited storage when it comes to certification, we also give you unlimited storage for your key documentation with our Policy and Documents modules too.


The Reports functionality extracts real-time data to give you an overview of your safety performance. Registry reports also include item schedule and analysis to support you with certification management.

Looking for the full package?

Our award-winning Compliance Centre has seven modules in total, why not take a look at the full range?