Compliance CentreMonitoring Module

compliance centre audit module

Checklists made simple
– safety and operational checks transformed for your business

Completing Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety checks have never been easier with our Compliance Centre Monitoring module. Transform all existing daily, weekly, monthly checks into an award-winning SaaS system, created by Environmental Health professionals and software experts.

Online operational checks

Digitise all your existing operational and Food, Fire and Health & Safety checks with the cloud-based Monitoring module. No need to download or print paper-based forms – saving you time, money and hassle, whatever your size or industry.

Set timeframes

Digital checklists on the Monitoring module have to be completed within a specific timeframe, ensuring you and your colleagues keep on top of them and, most importantly, meet your legal requirements.

Log defects

Log any issues found during your checks as a defect on the software with the option of uploading a photo. All defects remain open until remedied and closed off, providing you with a record of issues and their progress.

Due diligence

All your checks and defects stored in one secure, central location provides you with watertight due diligence that can be used in court, to show you are doing all that is reasonably practicable.

Compliance Centre features

Purchase the Monitoring module, and get these great features at no extra cost.


Through your unique Dashboard you will see an overview of the Monitoring status across your whole business, including the percentage of checklists completed that month, checklists due today and tomorrow and defect information.

Workflow management

You’ll be notified of any outstanding actions, such as open defects, with a system generated Alert. The To-Dos functionality also allows you to allocate internal tasks – managing safety made simple!

Document management

The Monitoring module comes with the Policy & Documents modules as standard. Providing you with unlimited storage for key documentation – accessible with your checklists, any place, any time.


Real-time reporting from Compliance Centre enables you to analyse information on completed checklists and defects in a user-friendly data table. These can then be extracted into Excel format should you wish.

Looking for the full package?

Combine the Monitoring module with our other modules to benefit from the whole solution for making safety simple.