Compliance CentreFire Module

compliance centre audit module

Fire Risk Assessments made simple
– improve compliance with clear action plans

Time to innovate the way you access your Fire Risk Assessments? Compliance Centre Fire module delivers all your risk-rated reports online in an easy-to-use format through award-winning software from the UK’s largest team of Environmental Health professionals.

Online assessment reports

All Shield Safety Fire Risk Assessments are delivered through the SaaS Fire module, giving a detailed overview of the assessment which includes each point assessed against the most up-to-date legislation and non-conformances found.

Risk-rated non-conformances

Any non-conformances found during the assessment are rated using four levels of risk and evidenced with a photograph. Timeframes to solve the issue are given to support you in improving compliance.

Automated and clear action plan

Your Fire Risk Assessment becomes your action plan with the Fire module, allowing you to work through your non-conformances and log updates, creating a record. You can even upload photographs to show when the work is complete.

Tracking of safety performance

The cloud-based Fire module gives you instant access to key risk evaluation data. Track action points and compare assessment rounds to monitor performance.

Don’t forget to book your Fire Risk Assessment

We are also an Institute of Fire Engineers Organisation with assessments conducted by our team of highly qualified assessors.

Compliance Centre features

The Fire module comes with all these features too.


Your Dashboard displays key indicators of your company’s overall risk and safety performance displayed in real time. It also gives you an overview of your Fire Risk Assessment actions.

Workflow management

The system will generate Alerts to remind you of overdue action from your Fire Risk Assessments, so you don’t fall behind. Internal tasks can also be set using the To-Dos function.

Document management

Centralise your safety documentation with unlimited storage facilities in the Policy & Documents modules.


Gather key data to monitor trends with real-time reporting. The Fire module reports include top ten non-conformances and open action points.

Looking for the full package?

Fire safety is just one of the areas of safety that we make simple.
Take a look at all the modules in the range to find out how.


Don’t just take our word for it…

“I really like how the software is laid out and how easy it is to navigate. We can track issues, know exactly what needs doing and ring managers to make sure they are doing what they should be doing, and that’s providing the great level of service.”

Mike Buckley, Head of Compliance, Revolution Bars Group