Are these the safest hotels to stay in over the bank holiday weekend?

As the busy bank holiday weekend approaches and many Brits look to book a much needed, last minute staycation, we have released a list of 175 hotels that have been independently audited by our team of expert Environmental Health Practitioners and passed our strict Safe to Trade approval process.

The list, which features hotels from right across the country, and includes staycation hotspots such as Edinburgh, Brighton, Blackpool, Cardiff, Cornwall, Devon, The Lake District, Stratford upon Avon, York, Chester, London, Harrogate, Manchester, Oxford and St Andrews has been released to help holidaymakers identify which hotels, bars, restaurants and cinemas are going the extra mile to ensure the safety of both their staff and guests, by implementing Covid-safety measures that go beyond the government’s guidelines.

Every hotel on the list has been audited against our Safety Charter, which has been created by top-ranking hospitality safety experts, including the former CEO of the Health and Safety Executive and Food Standards Agency and the ex-Head of Local Delivery at Food Standards Agency, and is an independently verified safety standard for hospitality businesses trading during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every hotel, bar, restaurant or cinema approved by the Scheme has been independently audited by our team of expert Environmental Health Practitioners and adheres to stringent health and safety guidance.

We then work with each venue on an ongoing basis to both advise and audit their safety practices to ensure that they are running a Covid compliant operation, making this information available to the public so that they can make informed choices about where they patronise.

Once approved as Safe to Trade, each establishment features on a national register that holidaymakers can consult to see if their chosen stay features. This register of members is also made available to local and national safety regulators,?to assist?with their requirement to?risk rate?businesses.

Chains including Malmaison, Hotel du Vin, Handpicked Hotels, Amaris Group and Almarose Hotels have all signed up hotels within their groups to the Scheme, alongside smaller chains and individual outlets. You can find the full list of approved venues at here.

Mark Flanagan who chairs the Safe to Trade Scheme governance board comments: “Consumer confidence in the hospitality sector has taken a huge hit. Our recent Consumer Insight Report outlined how 96% of industry guests would like to see venues rated in terms of their COVID compliance before they consider visiting and nine out of ten respondents intend to choose one venue over another if it clearly shows that it conforms to, or surpasses, government safety standards.

“For those customers looking to make the most of what’s left of the summer with a UK staycation but who want to do so as safely as possible, the Safe to Trade Scheme provides peace of mind. By visiting the Scheme’s website at, they can identify which hotels have been approved by the Scheme and do this by name or by location.”

Following its approval, a hotel’s safety performance is then monitored on an ongoing basis, as the Scheme asks consumers and staff to share honest feedback – both good and bad – via the ‘Ratings and Feedback’ tab on its website.

Flanagan adds: “If a customer sees something concerning at a venue or wants to share a positive experience, then they can simply scan the QR code on the venue’s Safe to Trade window sticker, or visit the Safe to Trade Scheme website, search for the business to feedback anonymously as well as rate the business. This is then fed back to the hotel, and outlet managers and owners are encouraged to adjust and adapt their practices to ensure that their business stays COVID compliant and safe.”

The Scheme’s register of approved venues is continuously evolving as hundreds of hotels have already signed up and many more continue to do so on a daily basis. So, if you’re looking for a Covid-safe hotel to book into this weekend, then check out the Safe to Trade Register which currently lists 175 UK hotels that have been approved as fully Covid-compliant and safe to trade.


John Brennan

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