Are these the safest 33 hotels in the South East?

33 hotels in the south east hotels make the Safe to Trade Scheme Approved list to take their place among the safest 175 hotels in the UK

A list of 175 hotels across the UK that have been deemed as fully Covid-compliant, by the nationwide Safe to Trade Scheme, has been released and 33 hotels in south east feature.

The list, which is drawn from the Safe to Trade Scheme Approved register, has been collated to help holidaymakers identify which hotels, bars, restaurants and cinemas are going the extra mile to ensure the safety of both their staff and guests.

The 22 hotels in the Midlands that feature in the Top 175 Approved Safe to Trade Hotels in the UK, include five in Birmingham, five in Stratford upon Avon and two each in Coventry, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Each has been independently audited by the Safe to Trade Scheme’s team of expert Environmental Health Practitioners and have had to pass a strict approval process, as well as adhere to stringent health and safety guidance.

33 hotels in south east that made the Top 175 Approved Safe to Trade Hotels in the UK List

The hotels will now work with the experts at the Safe to Trade Scheme on an ongoing basis, who will audit their safety practices against its Safety Charter to ensure that they are running a Covid compliant operation, with this information made available to the public, so that they can make informed choices about where they patronise.

Each of the 175 establishments now feature on a national register, that holidaymakers can consult to find a safe to trade venue, which is regularly updated following honest feedback – both good and bad – from staff and customers. The register is also made available to local and national safety regulators,?to assist?with their requirement to?risk rate?businesses and the register of current approved venues can be found here.


John Brennan

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