How to Achieve a Perfect Food Hygiene Score

Designed to give consumers greater insight into the safety and cleanliness of the nation’s food outlets; the FSA’s Food Hygiene Rating has been around for over half a decade now — with over 440,000 food businesses having been rated since the scheme was introduced in 2010.

And yet, despite the growing number of food vendors opting to display FHRS branding in their windows, many eateries are still fearful of the process — particularly the dreaded visit from an eagle-eyed Environmental Health Officer.

So, in order to help those wary of applying for a Food Hygiene Rating from the FSA for fear of failure — we’ve put together a brief guide which includes some handy hints and tips on how to nail the process.

Check it out below.

How to Achieve a Perfect Food Hygiene Score

How to Achieve a Perfect Food Hygiene Score


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