With a strong and growing national presence, Revolution Bars Group are a leading operator of premium bars, with 76 sites located throughout the UK’s major towns and cities. Makers of the party spirit since 1996’, Revolution Bars Group pride themselves on premium drinks and a food-led offering through their Revolution Bars brand and sister brand Revolución de Cuba. Shield Safety delivered a full package of products to Revolution Bars, including Audits, Fire Risk Assessments, Policies, Compliance Diaries and Compliance Software.

The challenge

Prior to partnering with Shield Safety, Revolution Bars struggled to deal with a wealth of information in multiple places. This meant visibility of overall risk across their numerous locations was incredibly difficult. They required a solution that would enable them to view all this information at-a-glance in once central location.

During the software set up I met with the account manager and we went through the diary page by page, we decided what we wanted to include which meant it was tailor made for our business. This allows the managers and the kitchen managers to focus on what they are doing, which is proving a great level of service.

It’s great to know anything that goes on helpline is addressed. It’s a great system. Whenever we’ve had any compliance concerns our Account Manager has just been a phone call away.

I really like how the software is laid out and how easy it is to navigate. We can track issues, know exactly what needs doing and ring managers to make sure they are doing what they should be doing, and that’s providing a great level of service.

Shield Safety provides the best level of support at all times. We have such a great relationship with our Account Manager and we are now far more efficient, mainly because of the way the system streamlines processes and how easy it is to follow.

Mike Buckley

Head of Compliance

Revolution Bars Group


Revolution Bars were initially attracted to our Compliance Software and its ability to pull all existing data into one online tool. Working closely with them throughout the process, Shield Safety built a tailor-made solution designed to reduce risk, improve processes and meet legal requirements.

In addition, Revolution Bars also benefitted from access to our Safety Advice Line, which provides an added level of support to their business.

The impact

Before implementing Shield Safety’s services, Revolution Bars struggled with visibility of compliance across their numerous locations. Now they can easily track and identify issues, take charge and delegate actions quickly.

What’s more, using their previous system, Revolution’s Fire Risk Assessments consisted of a PDF and an action plan. However, using our software Auditors are now able to identify any issues or areas for attention, enabling Revolution to quickly delegate jobs to area managers in the assurance issues are being dealt with.

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