Born from a pioneering thought ‘Fast food doesn’t have to be tasteless or unhealthy’ Flaming Cow are an independent burger company who are pushing boundaries, exploring the world of flavour combinations. First opening in Windsor in 2014, they have since expanded, opening a second site in Ealing, London.

Shield Safety provided a full compliance package to underpin Flaming Cow’s Health and Safety management system. These services and products included FHRS Re-rate service, Audits, Account Management, Policies, Compliance Diaries, Safety Advice Line and software.

The challenge

Following their expansion to a second site, it became increasingly difficult for Flaming Cow Director, Tarek Elawadi, to keep up with general compliance whilst he also played the role of front of house, general manager, stock taker and more. Ensuring both sites were completing due diligence was a challenge, and an out-of-date Food Safety Management System led to one site receiving a Food Hygiene Rating Score (FHRS) score of 1.

The great thing about Shield Safety products is that they are not generic or off-the-shelf, they were tweaked to fit our business. The work that you need to do is well-balanced between the actions carried out online, the paper-based checks and the face-to-face visits where the relationship is built.

I would absolutely recommend Shield Safety, especially to any company looking to build its foundations or streamline operations. Whether you’re a growing business or ‘one-stop-shop’, the solutions help in reinforcing those checks that can be so difficult to fit in when you’re already doing what feels like everything!

Tarek Elawadi


Flaming Cow


Providing The Flaming Cow with a new and tailored Food Safety Management system, Shield Safety enabled Tarek to manage Health and Safety Compliance far more effectively and efficiently, whilst also supporting him through the FHRS re-rate process.

The impact

Following the implementation of the Shield Safety solution, The Flaming Cow have been able to take a more proactive and less reactive approach to their compliance, making the prevention of issues part of their day-to-day operating procedures, rather than just dealing with issues as they arise. As a result, when visited by the EHO as part of their
re-rate process The Flaming Cow, having previously scored a 1 for their Food Hygiene, were awarded a score of 5!

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