Carrier bag blog

November 23, 2015

Could Reusable Carrier Bags Carry a Contamination Risk?

On the 5th November 2015, the government introduced a 5p charge on all carrier bags issued in large shops and retailers — bringing England’s bag policy in line with Wales, which first introduced its carrier bag charge in October 2011. The law now requires that all large shops across the country charge 5p for all […]

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How to Achieve a Perfect Food Hygiene Score

November 17, 2015

How to Achieve a Perfect Food Hygiene Score

Designed to give consumers greater insight into the safety and cleanliness of the nation’s food outlets; the FSA’s Food Hygiene Rating has been around for over half a decade now — with over 440,000 food businesses having been rated since the scheme was introduced in 2010. And yet, despite the growing number of food vendors […]

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Health and Safety

November 11, 2015

Tough New Penalties for Companies Flouting Health and Safety Laws

Businesses which breach health and safety protocol will face tougher penalties thanks to new sentencing laws published by the Sentencing Council this week. Those incriminated in the most serious forms of corporate manslaughter, health and safety, and associated hygiene offences will be subject to tough new sentencing measures — which are intended to reduce the […]

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September 21, 2015

First aid training saves a life

Recently a groom in Los Angeles interrupted his best man’s speech to jump to the rescue of his 60 year old relative. She was eating a piece of steak at the wedding reception, and began to choke. The Groom, Cody Campbell, remembered his first aid training and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre  to dislodge the meat […]

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August 26, 2015

Urgent Food Safety Improvements Needed in Lancashire

MP’s have called for tougher enforcement action on food outlets in Lancashire to improve food hygiene standards, after Environmental Health research has revealed almost 120 outlets have been deemed in need of ‘Urgent’ or ‘Major’ hygiene improvement. The latest investigation reveals there’s a large variation in hygiene standards between local authorities. The worst figures come […]

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