Food Safety Management System

While the principles of HACCP are sound, the way it’s traditionally been implemented – using flow diagrams and HACCP charts – has never really worked in catering. The deficiencies have meant creating additional company policies for areas such as personal hygiene, pest control, uniforms and so on.

So in creating our Food Safety Management System, we’ve taken a simple approach, combining operational food safety controls with a HACCP system based on the principles adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

The perfect recipe for food safety.

The Shield Safety team of Food Safety experts has developed a unique Food Safety Management System based on the five categories used in the current Food Standards Agency FSMS, the Safer Food Better Business pack: the management sections plus the four Cs (Cooking, Chilling, Cleaning and Cross Contamination).

A series of ‘Safe Methods’ have been developed for each of the four Cs – ‘rules and reasons’ or ‘control measures’ that cover not just what to do but also advise on how to do it, talking not only in terms of temperatures to be reached but visual, practical methods of knowing and testing when something is safe.

Every aspect of safe catering is included within the FSMS, but it’s been designed so only those relevant to your business need to be drawn out and turned into safe methods. Once selected, these can be adapted to make them specific to your business and its locations using a series of simple questions.

Each is written in a practical easy to read style, and unlike many process-based HACCP systems they outline what to do when things go wrong, why the problem may have arisen and how it can be avoided in the future.

The system is very flexible too, so that when changes occur it can be easily and readily adapted to accommodate them.

We also understand how difficult it can be to make sure all the correct procedures are adhered to, especially across many locations. So to help you ensure checks are undertaken – not to mention build and maintain a due diligence defence – Shield Safety recommends using our Food Safety Diary. Part of our range of Compliance Diaries, it outlines all the daily, weekly and monthly checks so everyone can see exactly what needs doing when.

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